Our Policy

JoplinUS is a local community site. Our objective is to help people in the four state area find places of interest and fun. We will keep this site free from pornography and vulgar language. Our goal is to stay "Family" oriented and to be a helping tool to all ages and interests. Use of this site is totally free , as well as to linking to your site, as long as your site abides by our "Family " rule.

 Costs accrued by the user will only be for shopping and that is between the user and the store in which they shop. JoplinUS is not responsible for any problems with merchandise bought through the stores. All exchanges or problems should be addressed to the store in which the purchase was made.

JoplinUS will constantly monitor all links to keep them in working order. Any problems with the links can be e-mailed to strawberrymo@joplinus.com . As sites change we will do our best to keep current, besides adding new sites of interest.

Advertising on our "Local Businesses" page is $25 per year. This includes 1 graphic or logo, supplied by the business, short description and a link to the already existing business web site. Businesses that do not have a web site of their own hosted on the net, can e-mail our webmaster strawberrymo@joplinus.com for pricing information on web design and/or hosting.

Personal web pages of individuals wishing to be in our "Personal Pages" section can e-mail strawberrymo@joplinus.com . After checking out the individual site, we will e-mail back with conformation of linkage or deny linkage if the site does not fall within our "Family" policy.

Pictures posted on this site are free for the user to save for their own personal use. Reprinting for commercial use or selling, is not allowed without written permission/contract with StrawberryMO. For more information contact strawberrymo@joplinus.com .


Hope you enjoy the site!